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Rabu, 06 April 2011


INDORETERCD  ini adalah salah satu software yang dapat menterjemahkan bahasa indonesia ke bahasa ingris maupun sebaliknya software ini dapat menterjemahkan kata dengan sangat cepat software ini juga dapat dijalankan secara portable

Indopreter is translator soft apparatus plug & play England<> Indonesia with speed and best ability for the moment:

* Translating document various deep format Text's mode (doc rtf txt), Excel's mode (xls csv), HTML'S mode (html chm pdf) .
* Dictionary and translation order can be developed and gets diperjual buys independent ala
* Having American English unabridged dictionary facility (WordNet)
* Plug and play doesn't require to process installation or registration even.

Indopreter can direct read various format as source of translation:
1. Text's mode
Document processes is format "rich text is format" one that gets as: - copy / paste on editor and more

2. Excel's mode
Document processes is excel's format that can as: - direct typing on editor and more

3. HTML'S mode
Document processes is html's format that can as: - html's file and more

Usufruct translation can be kept deep rtf's format, txt, xls, html, pdf.


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